Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wiccan Protection Spells

Like wiccan spells in general, wiccan protection spells are thought by many to be both simple and powerful. Unlike many other protection prayers and spells, wiccan protective spells often require you to take preventive measures in order for the spell to work properly.

Many wiccans use protection spells as a preventive measure rather than a protective force. The theory is that a spell once in motion will take preventive measures in order to stop the confrontation- that the spell protects you from- happening in the first place.

Types of Wiccan Protective Spells

1. Spells to Protect You From the Supernatural
2. Spells to Protect You From Physical Attack
3. Spells to Protect You From Accidents

Supernatural Protection

If you need a spell or blessing to protect you from the supernatural then you definitely need a wiccan spell. The reason I say this is because wicca as a religion can claim to be one of the only religions that believe in the existence of supernatural beings such as ghosts, poltergeist, and demons. Since the wiccan religion believes in the supernatural their rituals and spells will actually affect, this kind of being.

Physical Protection

Physical protection is a harder spell to guarantee because this kind of spell requires foresight in order for it to work, and such a spell is built to deter another person’s will. This can be a difficult thing and a dangerous thing to do because it can be taken to disregard and disobey the rule of wicca which states "do as ye will, harm thee none"

Accident Protection

Accident protection is the type of spell that you have to worry about beforehand; this is because most of these spells are meant to allow you to avoid such an accident not to and in order for the spell to work you need to give it time to work, give it time to make the alternate paths available.

Wiccan Protective Spells

Goddess Protection Chant
Protect My Loved Ones Spell
Consecration Protection Charm


  1. im 15 and i want to become a wiccan

  2. im 13 and i believe in this stuff. i want to become wiccan but i need tips...anything you got that will help?

    1. you probably dont need these suggestions anymore but if you do here's what i have to say. so, if you have a means of connecting to the internet, search for things like "what is wicca/witchcraft/paganism?" you'll get really good, solid, useful results. go on youtube and search for videos of whatever you have questions about. if you're really interested in wicca and witchcraft, buy some books, do some really simple spells, and you might want to consider doing a self-dedication ritual and your year-and-a-day. some really simple spells include writing on a piece of paper (whatever - a wish for love, some sort of negativity you want to banish whether its for your friend whos sick or for stress or worry - that sort of spell) and then burn the paper. you can find other spells online too, of any sort. the most important thing is to GO OUTSIDE. experience nature, the elements, connect with the god and the goddess, sense their manifestation within yourself and surrounding you. if you can set up a shrine or altar dedicated to them. this response was a bit lengthy i know, but it might have been useful. blessed be! )O(

  3. ive been doing spells for years now my friend joined the military i wish to protect him from phsyical and mental harm


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