Monday, October 19, 2009

Types of Wiccan Spells

There are all types of wiccan spells out there and if the type of spell that you want isn't available you can always make your own spells. The most prevalent kinds of spells are undoubtably love spells. However, there are also protection, money, and health spells. These spells are made for all different kinds of reasons and are meant to work in different ways, but they all fallow the same codes and moral rules that wicca places on them.

Love Spells: Love spells are the most controversial and the most prevalent of wiccan spells. This is because love spells walk the line between manipulating someone else and helping someone.

Protection Spells: Protection spells are some of the safest of the wiccan spells because their main job is to protect the caster and nothing else. This means that they can't harm or manipulate anyone.

Money Spells: Money spells are also meant to help the caster however you have to be careful with the wording of the spell because a money spell can harm people in order to give the caster money.

Health Spells: These are some of the best and easiest spells to judge because these spells are always meant to help people and not harm them.


  1. health spells are not meant to harm people but help them,for example i had a kid sister who was epileptic,we tried all form of medical help for her and nothing seem to work,so i followed a friends advice to try out spiritual solutions,then by chance,i got in contact with michail makarios through his email,a spell caster/herbalist/psychic,and he told me herbal materials that will be needed for the healing process,i tried it,paid for the materials and for his service,believe me.i can say she has been epileptic free for months now.


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