Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Cast Wiccan Spells

When casting any type of spell you should be aware of the different ways in which you can cast spells, the different precautions you can take before you cast a type of spell, and how you can make the spells stronger. I will focus on wiccan spells and how you can make them safer, and stronger.

Prelude: The Two Main Contributors to A Spells Outcome

The two main Contributors to a spell outcome are, your knowledge (I call this your will) and your belief. These are the two main Contributors to a spell’s outcome because most of the other things you do are not so much to make the spell work as they are to focus the spell or to link the spell to you essence (this is prevalent in love spells).

Your knowledge is very important to the outcome of a spell. Because, In order to really be willing to see the spell work out you have to know and understand what the spell is supposed to do. You need to know what will happen if the spell works, what is the aftermath of the spell going to be? Then you also need to know why the spell is needed in the first place. You need to know all this because in order for a spell to work. You need to be willing to see it come to completion. I call this "The Will" because all it really comes down to is whether or not you are willing to see the spell work and come to completion.

The other biggest contributor to the outcome of a spell is your belief. This doesn't mean your belief in a god or goddess though that can also contribute to the success of a spell. What I mean is that you have to believe in the supernatural and that you have the power to cast the spell. You have to believe that you can make the spell work.

Ways in Which You Can Cast Wiccan Spells

There are only really two ways in which you can cast a wiccan spell. One of these ways is ritualistically the other way really doesn't need very much explanation because one way is to just cast it.

A ritualistic casting doesn't really have to be in a ritual it only has to include the things that are prevalent in a ritual. This way is really one of the safest methods you can use to cast a spell; since, it involves the casting of a circle, a calling of the elements, and an invocation of the Goddess like you would do at most rituals.

A basic casting is something that doesn't really need much explanation because a basic casting is just casting the spell and nothing else. This holds an unneeded element of danger mainly because it isn't as enclosed and outside forces could take part unwelcomely. This form of casting is okay though for almost any spell except the powerful or personal spells.

Precautions You Can Take When Casting a Spell

Many people worry when they cast spells about outside influences getting involved. So here's some precaution’s you can take to make the spells safer.

Purify: This is one of those things that is easy to do and will decrease the chance that the tools in the spell will cause the spell to go wrong. The easiest way that I've found to do this is to mix salt (purifier) and water (symbol of purity) together. Then you rub the salt water on your tools.

Smudging: I personally have never tried this. However, It is basically the cleansing of your tools and ingredients using the smoke from a smoldering smudge stick (a mixture of different herbs).

Casting a Circle: Casting a circle is probably the strongest way that you can cleanse a spell of all outside in influences because it creates a shield that only allows the elements and entities you invite into it.

How to Make Wiccan Spells Stronger

The easiest way to make a candle spell more powerful is to anoint the candle beforehand with olive oil or some other kind of natural oil. By anointing the candle you infuse the candle with your own essence this allows you to focus your energies more effectively through the candle.

A more time consuming, but equally simplistic method is to write what you want to happen, what the spell is meant to do on a piece of paper or the candle. Both, are meant to make the candle a more powerful focus for your spell, thus making the spell easier to accomplish.

The hardest, more time consuming, and most effective way that you can make a candle spell more powerful is to actually make the candle that your going to use in the spell yourself. By making the candle yourself you infuse the candle with your essence, you also give more energy to the candle and make the candle a symbol of your will.

It is important to note that constructive spells which are what almost all wiccan spells are, should be cast during the waxing of the moon when the moon is brightest.

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